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1 May, 2012
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About The Game

8-Bit Robot Music Party (8RMP) is a rythm/platform game where you and your friend (we hope you have any) help your third (virtual) friend who is stuck in the game. The first player has to deal with the music like a Guitar Hero while the second plays, mario-style, with the little robot Everbot. The players must finish the level before the end of the music.


This game was made during INNOV'Game organized by EFREI, (engineer school). This contest was announced during october 2010. We first made a document which permit us to be selected for the 2nd round. Programming really started in the beginning of january (as soon as the results from the first round were revealed), which let us 3 months and a half to bake this project. Despite the time, we never could write all those features we wanted but most have been done!


  • Play music like a guitar hero while your friend is trying to escape mario-style
  • Listen to awesome chiptunes music composed by Spintr0nic


Trailer ( Dailymotion )

Prolog video to introduce the game ( YouTube Dailymotion )


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Dev blog
Not active since the contest, but can be a useful archive

About SwitchCode


Indie development team trying to do something with computers. We made several games during contest or not. Not very active lately but we're trying to do our best to get JeuxAmateurs.fr, our main project, back!

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8-Bit Robot Music Party Credits

Alexis Launay
Developer and artist
Kilian Ollivier
Developer and drawings
Music (from Jamendo)

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks